Premiere: Watch Damon Dash's "This Is Why I'm Here" Video f/ Smoke DZA, Lo, Alexandra Estevez, & Evaanz

Try Jah Love - Third World

Herb Alpert - RISE



Bowhill & Elliott Velvet Slippers for The Armoury

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A dose of green for your everyday diet - 

Pictured is another type of shoulder which we work with our Neapolitan maker to create: A heavily extended shoulder with a clean shoulder line but with minimal padding.  This type of shoulder had been coupled with an exaggerated waist and a chunky classic blue flannel.   

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SOOOOO HOT! Love this scene

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ALBUM: He’s The Dj, I’m The Rapper

Jam of the day kid! Had the honor of watching Jazzy Jeff spin LIVE in Las Vegas last year. 

How I’m Feeling…



yayoi kusama, infinity mirrored room – the souls of millions of light years away

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ahhhh amazing

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Blue & Burgundy
Blazer by Orazio Luciano in Caccioppoli Blue
Trousers by Ambrosi in Burgundy Corduroy
Braided Tassels by Carmina in Brown Calf
Tie by Drake’s in Ancient Madder 

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Judge orders release of Newtown 911 recordings

NBC Connecticut: A judge ordered the release Tuesday of the 911 recordings from Sandy Hook Elementary School during the shooting there last December.

The tapes will remain sealed until Dec. 4 to give State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky III the chance to appeal. The Associated Press has asked the recordings be provided so they can examine the police response to the shooting, while Sedensky has delayed the release to spare pain to the victims’ families.

Photo: Street artist Mark Panzarino, 41, prepares a memorial as he writes the names of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims during the six-month anniversary of the massacre, at Union Square in New York, on June 14, 2013. (Eduardo Munoz/Reuters)

When I see the old Hollywood movies and their no vent jackets of that day I'm tempted to have my jackets made in the same way. What are your thoughts on the no vent back?


Nice question. 

No vent has a long and storied history whereas vents are a relatively recent thing, previously confined to “sporty” garments but eventually becoming the standard. I once asked Antonio Liverano about this, his response was “when I started working, suits would never have vents, but nowadays, you people put them on whatever you like”. 

Vents are a matter of practicality. If you are on horseback or like to have your hands in your pockets, the vents help the back of the jacket fall a little neater, especially if you like to have your jacket buttoned. 

I like unvented jackets for two reasons. 1. When well executed, the lower half of the jacket will drape neatly and remain narrow with no opportunity to flare, thus flattering the hips. 2. It produces a sleek look which gives the jacket a nice formality. I recommend it for tuxedos and sometimes for three pieces. The downside is when you sit down, the jacket will bunch up at the back and the creases will probably remain if you are sitting for a long period of time. 

Finally, unvented sport jackets are worth a special mention, as I always think of them as an artifact of Naples, often seen on classically-minded Neapolitans like Gianluca Migliarotti of O’Mast and I Colori fame.

Love reading this…

I Wanna Know….

This song makes me smile… It gives me a little sense of connection, a little faith, and a lot of HOPE.


Houndstooth Jacket in Sand

So sexy on a man, YES PLEASE.

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